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Upgrade your web presence, downgrade your effort

“Just the basics” takes a lot more work these days. Rimiv makes it all work together, and we do it so that you can spend more time focusing on your business operations.


Leverage our team for on-demand upgrade at a fraction of the cost

Save money, save time, and get the fundamentals for a great online presence wrapped into one offering. Rimiv offers different direction that makes us the ideal online partner for the long haul.

The most convenient Managed Web Services available

You don’t need to hire in-house, big agency, or wrestle with your online presence ever again.

A team on the lookout for problems

We have 24/7 monitoring technology and a staff of full-time engineers ensuring that your critical functionality is up and running during crisis and holidays

You ask for it, we’ll get it done

Included in your service are unlimited updates to your website. If it’s doable, we’ll do the work until you’re happy.

We’re on call 24 hours, 5 days a week

Schedule a call, send an email, or chat with us live. However you want to communicate, we’ve got a line available to you.

One predictable, monthly payment

No big upfront fees for a new projects and no surprises. Your monthly subscription gets you a site and service to match.

Managed Web Service with a flexible plans

No long-term contract!


We take care of backend server

Website Hosting & Maintenance
Hosting your website on a powerful, secured and scalable cloud server
Security Optimization
Optimize your website security against hacking and cyber attacks in order to improve your website performance
Website Backup
We takes regular backups of your website so you can have peace of mind in case of emergency.
Software Updates
We ensures to keep all of the plugins and software on your website up to date and compatible.
Uptime Monitoring
We monitor and gets immediately notified if your website goes down and we begin getting it back up.
Performance Report
Full transparency into updates, uptime, backups, traffic, performance and our 24/7 WordPress maintenance service.


We take care of complete website

All inclusive from HOSTING SUPPORT

Unlimited 24/5 Website Edits*
We address your website edit requests with no limitation. What is included
Fixing Broken Website
Fixing any technicial error found on your website due to unfortunte hacks or updates, at top most priority
Speed Optimization
Optimizing your website to load fast on any device.
Dedicated Web Manager
Your own site manager who is familiar with your website and can take care of your requests with a better understanding of your overall business.

* Fair Usage Policy


We take care of online shopping

All inclusive from WEBSITE SUPPORT

Managing your online shopping account
Add new pages, update a product, or handle a new payment gateway, it’s what we do.

Will you really support all my website update requests?

Our Website Support plan covers design, development, and content updates for single web pages, one task at a time. This doesnt include strategy for digital marketing and copywriting. See below for example of what’s included.

Request covered in our Website Support Plan:

• Adding images to your site
• Adding a new form to your site
• Embedding a video on your site
• Finding and adding the right plugin
• Designing new custom page layouts

Request covered as a one-time paid project:

• Logo design
• Website SEO audit
• Writing custom blog articles
• Full website design & rebuild
• Developing your WooCommerce store

Hire a Dedicated Web Manager
who knows your business

Running an online operation is challenging and requires a wide range of expertise. No more switching between website designer, SEO specialist, project manager or copywriter.

With a single point of contact your Dedicated Web Manager will manage all of your online requests.

And since your manager understand your business well, you will also work with him to brainstrom new and creative ideas to help you get your business to the next level.

We do more than just managing your web services
Need help with any other online services?

Rimiv provide comprehensive services to keep your online homebase running.


We will launch your brand on a top online marketplace, prepare product catalog, create nice and crisp content for go-to-market


We put your website to work with a mix of digital marketing services that drive traffics and new prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you’re on our Website Support or eCommerce Support plan, we can review what changes have been made and fix them to produce the desired effect!

If you’re on our Hosting Support plan, our WordPress engineers can revert your site to a previous version using a backup.

Yes, we do offer Phone Support.

However, if you are working on a Project, you can request a call with your Project/Site Manager at any time!

You can also contact our agents through our helpdesk or live chat 24/5.

We aim to get back to you and start work on all requests within 8 hours of submission. Complete resolution of requests depends on their size and scope:

  • Small requests, such as single page change, we aim to solve within 24 hours
  • Medium requests, such as multiple page changes, we aim to solve within 72 hours
  • Large requests, such as multiple new page additions, can vary greatly, but we aim to solve these within 5 business days or longer if this is a larger project

Yes. When you upgrade from Hosting Support to Website Support, you’ll gain access to our WordPress support team through our helpdesk.

Upgrading from Hosting Support to eCommerce Support when you have a online shopping website – our team will manage your eCommerce account, adding pages, listing products, showcase deals & offers etc.

Billing will be prorated on the day you change plans, and you’ll be charged the new rate on your next billing cycle.
Yes, you can. You own the rights to your domain name, so Rimiv will work with your domain name provider to conduct a DNS update prior to activating your new website. It is a simple technical step that ensures your domain name (which can be registered with GoDaddy, Domain.com, Bluehost, etc.) connects with our servers where your website is hosted.

We have a team of WordPress engineers and testers who are dedicated to keeping your site up to date.

Here is an overview of the update process:

  1. Generate a fresh staging site based on your live site
  2. Update WordPress core, theme, and all plugins on the staging site
  3. Run our laundry list of tests, and track bugs and issues
  4. Apply fixes to issues and re-run tests
  5. Share staging site with you to review
  6. Push approved updates to live site
  7. Provide you with a summary of the updates and information about new features and changes

We take security extremely seriously at Rimiv and have a number of measures deployed and planned. Some security measures are active by default and some can be activated upon request.

Some of these measures include:

  • Installing SSL certificates – the first step for improving security on a website
  • Activating 2FA – any WordPress user account can be configured with 2FA upon request
  • Enabling HTTP security headers – available on all websites upon request
  • Akismet & reCAPTCHA spam protection – to protect your site against unwanted bot and spam entries
  • Custom WordPress login URL – reduces brute force attacks by hiding the login URL.
  • 30-day update cycles – keeping your website up-to-date is vital. We are starting to roll out 30-day updates across all our sites
  • And many more! – we have many more security features deployed such as server side protections, and on-site security fixes

Yes, we do full back of your website

This just includes website content such as page content, images, white papers, and blog posts, WordPress theme, plugins, database, and web code.

This service is free if you are on our Elementor platform.
We do not offer high availability (HA) hosting, but we do offer an SLA-backed 99.8% uptime guarantee. We can make this SLA, thanks to the flexibility of our container-based infrastructure, proactive load management by the Hostinger Engineering team, and the use of a best-in-class cloud provider.

No, for us to fully backed you up with our support, we prefer working on our server as we can ensure the security, speed and performance of your site on our server and also we will have full flexibility to perform our task to maintain your site.

Once you get on board with us, we will sign you up with our Hosting Support service and perfrom a free migration of your hosting website to our server.

If you want us to build website for you as a one time project and hand over to you, then in that case we will build the website on our platform and once it is completed, we will transfer the website to your hosting provider.