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eCommerce Website Development and more!

Your new online store, where we handle all the technical details so you can spend more time thinking about your products and your customers.

Upgrade your estore with everything you need

We’ll design, build your eCommerce website based on your unique requirements.

A lot less work for you

Our team will take care of all the website development, so anytime you need to add, remove, or edit a product listing (or anything else), we’re on it.

A flexible purchasing experience

Our team will design your store to be simple, clean, and effective customer experience so finding and buying.

A store that’s built Google-friendly

Your store will be built with all the SEO goodness of our regular websites plus the security and findability Google requires.

Loads of features and integrations

We can help reduce the complexity of your store’s operations while giving you all the tools in the toolbox to achieve your goals.

Flexible eCommerce Development

Add only the features you need!

Online Store

Robust eCommerce with order management, inventory, reporting, and more.

Subscription Plans

Recurring payments, autopay, and auto-renewals for your subscribers.

Ticketing & Events

Sell tickets and manage free registration for physical and virtual events.

Donor Portal

Add a powerful donations area to your site to handle all your fundraising needs.

Online Auction

Lists an item or service on the Internet for sale to the highest bid in the public


Buy items from a third-party supplier who fulfills customer’s orders for them

All our eCommerce Builds include

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • SEO-friendly Site Structure
  • Web-friendly Copywriting
  • Custom Design
  • Contact Forms
  • Visual Editor
  • Access to Premium Plugins
  • Optional Managed Web Services

We work with the best eCommerce technology in the world

Ready to get an eCommerce Website?

We’ll consult with you to scope out your requirements.

We not only build ecommerce websites,
we maintain and promote them, too!

Rimiv provide comprehensive services to keep your online homebase running.


Our platform team ensures your website works fast, updates are closely monitored, and upgrades are promptly installed.


We put your website to work with a mix of digital marketing services that drive traffics and new prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rimiv makes it unbelievably simple for you to manage your eCommerce website. From adding product pages or categories to running promotions and sending newsletters, you will have full access to make updates instantly via the CMS (Content Management System). If you want us to manage your ecommerce website, then you can also sign up with our eCommerce Support Services.
Yes!, We’ve worked with many tools and technologies, integrating with eCommerce websites allowing customer and order data to be transferred from the website to your internal system automatically. Check our technologies page to know more about tools & technologies we are fimiliair integrating with your website.
All of our websites use encryption via an SSL, the standard in website security. This allows information to be passed through your website in code that cannot be cracked, even if intercepted. All websites are developed using the latest in PCI compliance standards.
Each eCommerce website we build has our standard SEO best practices in place and is made “SEO friendly.” We do our best during development to create the SEO foundation for the website. Often, many of our websites rank very well from development alone, but we recommend an ongoing SEO plan to achieve competitive keywords.
Yes! eCommerce is a fast-developing part of the business industry, not just retail but the economy as a whole. Small businesses like yours should choose to sell online as not just an increase in business revenue but a way to further connect with their potential customers and expand their brand name. With an eCommerce platform, you can reach customers easier and more customers means more sales. The costs of establishing an eCommerce business are comparatively quite low, but the return on investment can be substantial.
The key to managing a successful eCommerce business is to know your target audience. Give preference to their reviews, feedback and try to improve as per their suggestions. When customers realize that their choice and preference matter for your business, they feel good and stick to your brand. Apart from this, the value on-time delivery, customer service, and add-ons. These small things can help you to make your eCommerce business successful.
We are certified and experienced in working with the most popular eCommerce platforms WooCommerce (WordPress) and Shopify.

If you are already a WordPress user then Woocommerce could be a good option for you starting an online store. It’s a completely free platform with our own web host and it’s a plugin of WordPress and you can easily install and access that beginners can start with this tool and it needs less server support and can easily be customizable from the WordPress framework.

WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress so one can simply install it and can ready to go. Some of the basic features might not be enough for everyone, so to take full advantage of its potential. WooCommerce is the most stable and it covers all extensions with a variety of features.
Cons WooCommerce provide limited functions if you want more functions or extensions then you will have to pay.
Pros Shopify is also a good eCommerce software. It is an ideal platform if you’re a beginner. It has premium themes with SSL certificate with analytics system included PLUS Google Analytics integration.
Cons It covers a hosting feature with its own sub-domain for all plans and one can also add their own custom subdomain name. But due to its budget, pricing and cost, it’s turns out to be expensive solution which you expand your business. Shopify does not provide an open-source platform like WooCommerce.
Need to setup a company it can be a Proprietorship + Partnership, LLP or Pvt. Ltd. Take the GST no. Payment Gateway will require set of formalities to be fulfilled.
Yes if you currently start with WordPress you probably have to upgrade to Magento when you experience concurrency of approx. 3000 to 4000 users.
B2B and B2C both are appropriate for ecommerce business. It all depend on your purpose if you want to sell your products to other business then B2B is good option for you and if you want to sell your product direct to your customer then B2C ecommerce portal is better option for you.